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About Us

Seeking medical services in Croatia CROIS Total Care Services include assistance and information regarding:

  • Travel, accommodation and booking
  • How to reach the medical clinic and pick up if required
  • Transfer to the airport after surgery if required
  • Aftercare and follow up after returning back home.

Svjetlost Services

Svjetlost is one of the largest and the best equipped eye clinic in Europe, employing more than 60 expert ophthalmologists using state-of-the-art technology available in the world.

St. Catherine services

European centre of excellence for advanced diagnostics, orthopaedic procedures and spine surgery with pain management.

Dentex dental services

The best care for your teeth at Dentex dental clinic

The Dentex Dental Clinic and Implantology Centre is located in the town of Zadar in Croatia. Since its founding, Dentex has established itself as a modern, innovative and high-tech dental clinic. Dentex expert team of doctors and assistants provide the latest technology, top dental materials and a modern dental laboratory. Dentex constantly invest in know-how and education, in new equipment and materials and continuously track the advancement of science and technology. Modern technology and high quality materials enables Dentex to provide the best services in the areas of diagnostics, implants, surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, aesthetis and general medicine.

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Rident dental services

Design your smile at Rident dental clinic

Rident has an interdisciplinary team of more than 150 employees, doctors of dental medicine, specialists in various branches of dental medicine, dental assistants and technicians, that offer modern dental services. With 38 studios, two radiology departments, two oral surgery departments and three dental laboratories on two locations, Rident Polyclinics is the largest dental medical center in the region and serves 60.000 patients annually.

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